Miri Street Parade 2023

Miri City Street Parade - Celebrating 60 Years of Sarawak's Progress and Unity!

Miri - August 19th

We're excited to share the excitement of the "Miri City Street Parade - Sarawak 60 years of independence : Sarawak Maju Makmur". The event showcased Sarawak's unity and growth.

In a span of 10 days, we decorated a 3 ton lorry to become a moving stage carrying our performers to tell the story of Sarawak's cultural collaboration and democratic journey. The float was made of 90% recycled items with items sourced from the refuse and excess pile of Tippor Advertising Company Miri, our main supporter. From used roadside advertisement banners, excess stickers from signboard making and used newspapers, the float featured the local variety of fruits and vegetables like Dabai, Terung Asam, Pineapples and Chillies. It also carried local delicacies like Linut, Nasi Lemak, Kolo Mee, Teh Tarik and Roasted Cha Siew. All made from recycled materials!

 The float showcased a multicultural Pasar Malam street market next to the State Legislative Assembly Hall of Sarawak. 

Our talented performers brought characters to life: Dominic Lim, Angus Wong, and Bernice Tan as State Legislative Members or YBs, Candace as "Kakak Penjual Nasi Lemak," Sebastian Choo as "Penjual Nasi Char Siew," and Madison along with Solomon as "Tamu Sellers"

Heartfelt thanks to our Committee Members: Loon Kai Jing, Loon Kai Rau, Emmeline Tan, Vaxtor, Alcott, and Jason Kho who helped put the float together whilst caring for all their friends during show day. We also would like to say a big big thank you to Mdm. Ramenda Kiyek (for making our ADUN roof!), Mr. Patrick Lim (for making the massive Normah Orchid for us), Mr. Bryan (for arranging all the logistics from the Lorry rental to the set up and troubleshooting our PA system as the parade was going on), Pn. Susan Soh (for getting our costumes ready), Pn. Florence (for being a mummy to all of us), Mr. Sebastian (for this taking on this crazy challenge), Mr. Anuar (of Empalai Kitai Community Farm for setting up the float at the starting point), Mr. Sylvester (for rehearsing the poetry slam with our performers), Ms. Ivy and Mdm. Lenny (for being our chaperones for the night). Your dedication ensured the event's success.

The parade, from Miri City Hall to Time Square was enjoyed by all.

We are grateful for all these memories! You can watch a replay of our show on Youtube! We appear at 3:35:00!