"Teaching is holding the learner by the hands, guiding, prompting and nudging bit by bit into the magic of accomplishing mastery, degree by degree , heart to heart, eyeball to eyeball. There is unfortunately no shortcuts."

Puan Soh, Founder of Champs Education

Hello Champion, we are your teachers at Champs.

"... holding the learner by the hands..."

We honor our teaching profession as one of high intimacy, trust and effect. Thus, we continue to learn and reflect upon our every step, just like you. We remind ourselves with the voice of you reciting W.B Yeats's poem "I have spread my dreams under your feet, tread softly because you tread on my dreams."

"... guiding..."

We honor you, a child, as an equal soul. For what have we more, than just more days lived. Our duty is to make you "future" ready. With climate change and human conflict, unfortunately , a future that we are all not ready for. At Champs, we will guide you to rethink, rediscover and redo our everyday as we make sense of the future, together.

"... prompting..."

Along the way, you will meet roadblocks that we here at Champs have conquered before. We will hint you the way around it, let you try, let you scrape your knee, hint again, and see. We will prompt you into the way we fish, hoping that you will discover your own new key.

"... nudging bit by bit..."

We will cheer you on when you feel tired. It is a long journey, and it is okay to feel defeated. A deep breath, back in the moment, let us keep you motivated.

"... the magic of accomplishing mastery..."

Soon enough, you will be your own teacher, a true lifelong learner. We call this magic, as it will come at a time we least expect. Meanwhile, we will water and prune you till you eventually flower.

"... degree by degree..."

It's okay to relearn skills you have missed along the way. We want you to find your step steadily. Let's fix the basics, and the rest will be easy-peasy.

"... heart to heart..."

We will be sharing with you our wisdom and our stories. We would like you to share yours with us too.

"... eyeball to eyeball..."

We are serious. Serious to make sure you are better off than before we came into your life. When we look into your eyes, we see a soul with unlimited potential.

"... no shortcuts."

We are ready. Are you?