Middle School

ChampSpeak Teens

Come and learn how to communicate, collaborate and create as you discover a variety of world issues. Shine in the Semester Showcase. Prepare for the Trinity College London Communication Skills Certificates & Diploma.

Teacher student ratio: 1:10

ChampsEnglish Teens

Come learn to read, write, listen and speak English through a contemporary syllabus. Prepare for the B1 Preliminary for Schools & B2 First for Schools Cambridge Assessment English Qualification. In line with CEFR, you will be prepared for the Malaysian PT3 English exams as well.

Teacher student ratio: 1:20

GeografiAlive PT3

Come on a journey to find and discover a spark and love for Malaysian PT3 Geography. Ignite your love for Geography and you will never need to dread Geography anymore!

Teacher student ratio: 1:15

SejarahAlive PT3

Rethink and rediscover PT3 Sejarah. Find the juicy parts of the story, question it, and remember it easily.

Teacher student ratio: 1:15

MathAlive PT3

Recount your journey in PT3 Mathematics. Let's fix that block, smell the flowers and the world can count on you!

Teacher student ratio: 1:15

ScienceAlive PT3

Catch up, excel and enjoy PT3 Science with translations and explanations. Let's put the fun back into science!

Teacher student ratio: 1:15