Founded in 2009. Come learn to read, write, speak and listen to English using research-backed Cambridge English materials benchmarked against the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages coupled with the eye for detail, care and inspiration by our ChampsEnglish teachers.

Our classes are coded based on the CEFR standards of which lessons will be run on. For example, “ChampsEnglish Pre A1 Starters” will be on the “Pre A1” standard on CEFR. The standards of English used in the age-specific classes are differentiated by our ChampsEnglish teachers to suit students of different levels of English fluency. Generally all students will be 1 CEFR Standard above what they are exposed to under the Malaysian National English Syllabus.

You will be learning English from the Cambridge English Corpus, a collection of naturally occurring English. Learning usable, effective and relevant English to communicate fluently!

Learning English via exciting literature, contemporary communication techniques and latest global events and news, a ChampsEnglish student will not realise the learning of English in such a globally relevant and realistic classroom!